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E-Commerce Portal

DigiUncle provides expert web portal development services that result in developing good quality portals and vortals. No doubt, the appearance of web portal matters a lot but the non-designing aspects like navigation, technical scalability, etc are equally important. Portals and vortals are quick means for companies to share information with those associated with them.

What are portals/vortals?

A web portal is a website that functions as a source of information on the internet. The information is presented from varied sources in an integrated manner. Portals have broad appeal.

Vortal, on the other hand, functions like a portal except that they provide industry specific information. Some vortals serve particular communities and are focused on specific interests. Functional area for vortals is narrower than portals.

DigiUncle offers personalized web portal development services to our customers after careful analysis of their business and then develop a detailed plan for portal implementation. As a web portal development company in India DigiUncle provides you a wide arena to showcase your business and expose it to further growth. The portal/vortal is developed in harmony with the business objectives and targets.

We have successfully implemented web portals like Travel E-Point, Recharge E-Point, TestMerit, etc.